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Adding a video, zooming into content, and using the Office powered PowerPoint Designer feature can help you make the most out of your presentations. You can even turn your Android or iPhone device into a slideshow remote and laser […]. Various studies related to the topic in recent years have shown an alarming number of millennials suffering from mental health issues and it seems Gen Zers the next […]. A colorful and minimalist template might just be all you need.

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Gap analysis is used to understand the difference between the optimized use and integration of resources, as compared to their current utilization. A Gap analysis helps businesses to determine their future plans and can be conducted to determine business direction, business processes, information technology or human resources.

You can present your Gap analysis using easy […]. PowerPoint Templates Blog.

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Organizational charts show and track employee reporting relationships. Unlike some other office graphics software packages, Keynote, the Apple presentation offering, lacks a dedicated organizational chart function. As a result, to create an organizational chart in Keynote, you'll need to form each graphic element individually. In addition, the reporting tools that note who is subordinate to whom, allowing you to create quick trees of organizational lines, aren't available.

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To make changes or move employees about, you must manually move the graphic elements. Reporting relationships are often shown vertically. Supporting employees, such as administrative assistants, are put to the side, attached to the person they support. Employees of the same rank are shown in horizontal array. Select a theme and click "Choose.

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For example, you can match your chart to your corporate colors, select an attractively hued neutral theme or select a theme free of graphics. Click the "Shapes" icon and select the rectangular box. You may select sharp or rounded corners, depending on your taste.

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Click in the text box and type in the company chief executive officer's or chief's name and title. Drag the new rectangular box to the right of the CEO's box and click on the text.

Create an organization chart

Type in the CEO's administrative assistant's name and title. Click the "Shapes" icon and select a line.

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You may select thick or thin, depending on your taste. The default line is horizontal. Click and drag the line to situate it between the CEO and assistant's box.

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  8. Lengthen or shorten the line as desired by clicking and dragging the corner. Copy and paste a new rectangular box as you did previously; move this box under the CEO's box.

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    Type in a subordinate's name and title. Create another line, and insert it between the CEO and subordinate boxes. Click on a corner and drag it in a circular movement to rotate it and change its orientation, making it vertical to show a reporting relationship. Once you have a vertical line, you may copy and paste that symbol when you need another vertical line, rather than creating a new line.

    Repeat the above steps to create new rectangular boxes, insert text and connect them with lines until the entire staff is mapped in the organizational chart.

    powerpoint org chart template mac Powerpoint org chart template mac
    powerpoint org chart template mac Powerpoint org chart template mac
    powerpoint org chart template mac Powerpoint org chart template mac
    powerpoint org chart template mac Powerpoint org chart template mac
    powerpoint org chart template mac Powerpoint org chart template mac

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