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Every customer who purchases LabVIEW or later has a license for both the bit and bit versions. A Mac OS X computer running a bit kernel cannot run bit applications; switching to a bit kernel will be required to run a bit application and whether the kernel can be switched is dependent on the Mac OS X version. Linux bit requires the installation of bit libraries to run bit applications; however, installing these libraries does not grant all bit applications will run on bit Linux computers. Currently, there is not an option to create a bit version of an executable from the LabVIEW bit application builder.

An application can request memory, but it is up to the Operating System to accept or deny that request based on what is available either physical or virtual. In any of these configurations you can still run into large buffers failing to allocate if enough contiguous memory is not available. Currently, bit Windows imposes a 16 TB limit.

Rate this document Select a Rating 1 - Poor 2 3 4 5 - Excellent. Answered Your Question? This can be found in the user guide for your device. That page will walk you through installing drivers and libraries for your operating system, and will then bring you back here to use LabVIEW specifically.

Note that with LabVIEW you can install a bit version on a bit computer without any issues, but the bit version cannot obviously be installed on a bit computer. The reason this is relevant is that the respective versions cannot create executables that the other can run. The upshot of this is that if you need your executable to be compatible with older machines such as Windows XP machines then you will need to use a bit version of LabVIEW to create your program.

If you are new to writing code for Phidgets, we recommend starting by running, then modifying existing examples. This will allow you to:. If you do not want to use our installer, you can download the phidget To run the examples, you first download the examples found in the Quick Downloads section and unpack them into a folder. Here, you will find the examples folder, which contains vi programs for all the devices.

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Each vi example demonstrate the usage of a few of the device's properties. To get a broader understanding of the device, you should take a look at all the vi examples inside the directory for your device. The source file will be named the same as the software object for your device. If you are not sure what the software object for your device is, find your Phidget on our webpage , and then check the API documentation for it.


Dwenguino Labview Interface – Dwengo

Inside the examples folder, navigate to the directory for your device. Open up any.

In this section, the Sensor to Output Example. You will see the front panel of the example. The front panel shows the user interface of the vi program.

The only thing left to do is to run the examples! You can determine that your device is connected to your application if you see the indicator for attached turn green and the correct serial number is displayed. These features are available in most of the example vis we provide. When you are ready to terminate the application, click on the button to release the hold on the device. Once you have the LabVIEW examples running, we have a teaching section below to help you follow them. Tue Dec 10, pm. Tue Apr 12, pm. Wed Apr 20, am.

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Quote Tue Mar 06, pm Hi folks, I'm considering a Raspberry Pi for use on my university's human-powered submarine - size and power requirements-wise it's perfect. My only issue is that the control system we'd be running on it runs from LabVIEW - and I'm currently having trouble getting a straight answer from National Instruments as to whether there is a version that'll run on ARMv6. Do any of you kind folk know?

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