Zoom trackpad mac not working

Sims 4 update messes up basic function

Does it work on Chrome? Any website. Yes, I just tried pinch to zoom in the exact same version Oh ok.

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Well I'll try to investigate more after I get other issues out of the way first, though that may be a while later. It does work with generic Chromium and Chrome, as well as other things eg; Preview. Maybe someone can test if they also have the same issue, on another OS.. I've seen pinch-to-zoom work on laptops with touchscreens, but I think those websites might have implemented it via JavaScript. Pinch-to-zoom on touchpads are a different interface. This was why I was looking at arguments in the build thread, though the zoom option is present in both. There's no mention of zoom or pinch in any of the patches here, so I'm beginning to wonder if part of that takes place in a blob it fetches from Google.

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I started Chromium, the latest build of ungoogled-chromium, and srware iron another chromium variant while wireshark was running, and saw the other two fetching blobs from Google, whereas this did not. Both of the other ones did have a working pinch to zoom. That's weird. I wonder what they are trying to hide Eloston I'm not sure what's going on really. The first blob unzip works on it I fetched was pretty innocent looking, but after that it was all SSL, and I don't currently have certs set up on this laptop to allow interception though I'll get that set up tomorrow.

Both of the other Chromium variants fetched quite a bit of data before I quit. Just to clarify, ungoogled-chromium was not making any requests for blobs or anything else from Google.

How to Enable Screen Zoom in Mac OS X (El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks)

Just to clarify, I was wondering why pinch-to-zoom would require blobs at all since it doesn't seem like it would have any licensing restrictions that require it to be blobs. Eloston Does not appear to be a blob. Even with all cache and profile data wiped and network disconnected, zoom worked. Use the following alternative controls to zoom and pinch:.

FS# : Mac Trackpad zoom gesture not working as expected

Zoom option 1 - two finger swipe, as if you are scrolling up and down a page. Bug reports will be merged in this thread. If you are experiencing this issue please click the little Me Too button below. Go to Solution. You should be able to use the trackpad controls as usual - two finger rotate to spin the camera and pinch to zoom. Happy Simming. View in thread. The June update just finished and the basic functions are not working now that I logged back in. The camera won't zoom in or out as well as the camera won't swivel either.

If I want to move and see things within the game I have to literally click and drag for the camera to move.

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  3. Sims 4 update messes up basic function.
  4. Weird interaction makes trackpad's zoom not work - Bug Reports - BetterTouchTool Community.
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  6. The actions also wont follow through, I instructed my sims to eat or give their child a bath and it will start doing the action then all of a sudden not follow through like I cancelled the action but I haven't. English How often does the bug occur? Trying to rotate the player view with a laptop trackpad What happens when the bug occurs?

    The camera stays still.

    Bug details

    I can move up, down, left, and right but I can't rotate to see the back of a lot if my camera view is currently at the front What do you expect to see? The camera rotating to look around a lot or room Have you installed any customization with the game, e. Custom Content or Mods? Not now.

    I've removed them. Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? This did not happen until the most recent Sims 4 update the one that included Pride items and clothing. It severely hinders my ability to play and to especially use build mode. I'm moving this to the mac forum. I don't work or have any association with EA.

    Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so. Can anyone who's having this issue share with me their Config. Thanks so much for the help! June - last edited June. MC Command Center broke as soon as i opened the game, i could not do anything without getting an error. Everything except for toddler stuff. Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I used to be able to rotate the camera using two fingers on the touchpad on my MacBook Air. What happens when the bug occurs? After the most recent update, the camera will either not rotate at all or not zoom in or out with the touchpad. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

    Pinch to zoom randomly stops working. I do not have any third-party apps running that I think would affect it Does this happen to anyone else? Any thoughts? I do use magnet! Thanks for the tip. Thanks a trillion! Magnet was the culprit!

    How to use Multi-Touch gestures on your Mac — Apple Support
    zoom trackpad mac not working Zoom trackpad mac not working
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