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Remplir les diapositives Les Listes Les blocks Overlay - Apparition progressive du contenu d'une frame Cas particulier des listes Package xcolor Package animate Package textpos Package hyperref We expect new experiences, simplifying and enriching our lives. We expect seamless experiences across physical and digital touch-points. As consumers we are also seeking products and services that enable self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

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The desire to live a more mindful lifestyle is adding up on the pressure on companies to change. Companies must show they care for both the consumer and the planet. They must design holistic, seamless, and empowering experiences. They must have a clear strategy for all the components of their brand.

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How can a company offer experiences where the technology is not even noticed, as if it is invisible — at the same time giving consumers superpowers? The technology revolution is hopeful; fighting Parkinson with sensor technology, treating patients in remote places, leveraging artificial intelligence to speed up sustainability.

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We often hear about innovations of this kind. However, we rarely hear about advances in ethics that need to follow such development. If this is not addressed, people will lose trust in technology. Every day, we get reports from dysfunctional politics, business processes and ethics.

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This makes us more cynical and creates a growing desire for answers. As consumers we are expecting more information from the producers and want the right information early on in the process. We expect relevant information in every experience and will take proactive action if this is not fulfilled.

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Transparency is part of the solution, but needs to come together with privacy! The increasing pressure on organizations to offer transparency and privacy is, of course, a challenge. It comes not only from consumers but also from employees, investors, media and government. In such a setting, creating a culture of trust that builds on open and honest communication is the only feasible strategy. It is about removing barriers that hinder people from accessing the information they could need to make better decisions.

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In a culture of trust, people dare to share the truth. Consumers are getting more aware of the negative impact their consumption has on the planet, society or themselves. Why is it often a lot cheaper to travel by air than by train?

The inability to affect the system creates frustration among us as consumers. What needs to happen globally, is a transformation towards a circular economy. To get only one page, do not hesitate to hide the sheets that you do not want to appear in your personalized report! Return to your form. Close the Options window and save your form before leaving the creation area. Export data. You can also rename your export files. Post a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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    affichage saut page excel mac Affichage saut page excel mac
    affichage saut page excel mac Affichage saut page excel mac
    affichage saut page excel mac Affichage saut page excel mac
    affichage saut page excel mac Affichage saut page excel mac
    affichage saut page excel mac Affichage saut page excel mac
    affichage saut page excel mac Affichage saut page excel mac

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