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The reason we suggest five posts is that your eBook doesn't have to be long, in fact it's probably better if it's not. In his post about content upgrades , Pat Flynn has this to say about having multiple shorter eBooks available rather than one long one you promote site wide:. Just because the content already exists on your blog, it doesn't mean there isn't value in delivering it in an eBook also.

Not only can you add value and insights into the introduction and conclusion you'll write for your eBook, but there is also great value in contextualising information for the reader.

How To Format An Ebook In Word Using Styles

Well-written posts are great on their own as standalone pieces of content, but presenting them alongside other posts on the same topic can add context and tell many sides of the story all in one handy package. Not only that, but you're also offering them the opportunity to read the information in a different format. When we first launched this new issue-style blog format of ours back in January we heard from our readers that they wanted a downloadable PDF of the articles so they could refer back to the information later or read it on their iPad or tablet.

If the thought of laying out an eBook seems daunting to you, don't let that put you off. I've got some advice for you on what programs to use and how to design it yourself. There are many tools out there that will allow you to layout a PDF, but these ones below are some of the best across a range of different effort and control levels. Beacon is a web-based app that's whole purpose is to help you create eBooks from your blog posts. Ideal, right? If you use WordPress or Hubspot for your blog you can even import your posts automatically.

But if not, it's easy enough to copy and paste the content. The app offers you lots of different themes you can choose from to use as a starting point and customise the colors, images, fonts and layout.

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It's up to you how much effort you want to put in, but it's worth taking the time to make a few tweaks to really personalise the look of your PDF eBook. Beacon makes this easy because if you change something in the settings panels, the primary color for example, it will update throughout your book, so it's easy to keep your design consistent. Watch an intro video about how that works here. You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove it and have more options like saving your own theme, which is useful if you're going to be creating multiple eBooks.

If you have a Mac computer, it's likely you might already have Pages installed and if not, you can get it from the App Store.

Pages is a word processor like Microsoft Word, but it's so much nicer to use. Like the Beacon themes, you'll want to make some tweaks to personalise your design to match your site. While you'll need to get much more hands on with the layout in Pages by copying and pasting your blog posts in and styling the text yourself, you can and should make use of the paragraph style options. All you have to do is highlight your text and select the style from the Format panel to the right.


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InDesign lets you have complete control over every little aspect of your layout you won't see text jumping about when you drop an image in for example! There might be a bit of a learning curve with getting used to the software, but there are plenty of tutorials online to help you get up to speed. Check out this video for an introduction to the basics of the software and then this one that explains how to lay out text and images. You can really do as much or as little as you like though! If you're keen to start learning to use InDesign, we've created an eBook template you can use so that you're not starting with a blank page.

Just like with Pages you'll need to manually copy and paste your content and you should use paragraph styles in InDesign to help keep your text styling consistent throughout the ebook.

34 Free Stock Photo Websites To Bookmark for Your Book Cover & Your Personal Website

Learn more about them in this video tutorial. Consistency is key for making your eBook look professional and easy to read.

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  • Just because you're not a designer, it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to these design details that will make reading your eBook a great experience for your subscribers. Here's what to watch out for:. While you can get a bit fancy in the font you use for your title and headings, the font you choose for the body of your eBook should first and foremost be legible. This beautiful script font for example looks great on a cover page, but is really hard to read in a sentence.

    eBook Manuscript Formatting Guide

    Instead stick to plainer fonts for your main content. You can download some great open source fonts from the Google font library, which are free to use in your projects. Download these sans-serif fonts from Google fonts. Download these serif fonts from Google fonts. Bonus tip: the Google font library is great to browse because when you view a font, it will give you suggestions of other fonts to pair it with. The length of your lines of text and the spacing between them can have an impact on how comfortable it is for a reader's eyes to follow along.

    To give your subscribers a good reading experience you want to make sure the text in your eBook is optimised for readability. First, that means left aligning your text. Here's a quick design history lesson courtesy of Smashing Magazine. Reflowable layouts provide for a far smoother experience for your users.

    eBook Templates for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice - heitenfarkbut.tk

    By far the best source for ebook templates. Templates include fitness ebooks, cookbooks, and travel magazines, in addition to the classic business ebooks. The ebooks also come in several languages. All designs are beautiful, with extraordinary attention to detail and precision.

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    • Each template comes with many pages, anywhere from 9 to 28 different page layouts, far more than any other platforms. This is one of our favorites for its clean lines and beautiful designs.

      Essential tips for creating your own ebooks

      These are designs that represent progressive companies. On the positive side, their prices are reasonable. Use Lucidpress for styles that wow, for businesses that impress. Dive right in and pick a template. They boast more than ebook templates for fixed-layout ebooks. Use their page dimensions or set your own. Pre-set dimensions for just about every type of social media post, guarantee cohesive branding from your ebook to your social marketing campaigns.

      These templates get the job done.

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      You may just find the right template for your ebook here. Hubspot originally provided a repository of five ebook templates, but they were so popular that they were soon after expanded to thirteen templates. Each template comes in Mac and Windows compatible file formats. Blog post Ebook templates. Search by category and filter for MSWord for classical ebooks or Powerpoint for presentation style ebooks. Their countless templates for reports will suffice many business needs. The popularity and widespread use of Microsoft products render some templates generic and overused.

      If you want a template you can start using immediately, without wasting money or time on fancy software and designs, this will be your best option. Home page Templates. Presentation style ebooks have grown increasingly popular, so for those of you who are planning on writing a landscape ebook that has the feel of presentation slides, we recommend Slides Carnival. Templates make it easier for you to just add your content within the preset conditions without having to go back and forth to apply them for each and every page. Kotobee is the complete end-to-end ebook solution for you and your business.

      ebook templates for word mac Ebook templates for word mac
      ebook templates for word mac Ebook templates for word mac
      ebook templates for word mac Ebook templates for word mac
      ebook templates for word mac Ebook templates for word mac
      ebook templates for word mac Ebook templates for word mac

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