Whopper vs big mac survey

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It is a controversial brand : this is due to the fact that Mcdonalds is more perceived like junk food than quality food. Burger king really communicate on the quality of their product unlike McDonalds.

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McDonalds is trying to reach easy targets [children for example] in the expense of other important point in conclusion, Mcdonalds should reconsider its strategy of love mark specially when their are competing with other fast food like burger king. We chose to make a questionnaire about Fast food and more particularly about McDonalds and Burger king in order to report experiences and opinions of people towards this two brands.

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In fact, we administrated questionnaires in France and more precisely in Paris where there is no Burger King restaurant yet so results about people who chose burger king over McDonalds are distorted. Profile of McDonalds consumers: they go to McDonalds at least once a month The second part of our questionnaire was based on the experience of customers in restaurant: those questions allow us to dress an elusive consumer study:.

First of all, we asked people to grade the atmosphere, the product presentation and the signalization from poor to excellent. The results show that most of the consumers of McDonalds think that the atmosphere in the restaurant is good People like the presentation of products, the signalization is clear and well categories according to them, they can find the new recipes, prices, clear images of products to know how they look like, this helps them in their choices. Globally, Burger King is a well-known fast food brand.

According to our survey which is based in France, every participants have the basic brand awareness of Burger King while the brand is not yet in France. As we know the King is going to come back to Paris soon, this could be a good sigh for the brand.

But if we go deep into the next level: the brand recall thanks to the survey we made. Indeed, only few people took Burger King as their top of the mind. But as we did this research in France where Burger King is not present, the result is fairly reasonable. So besides the questionnaire, we tried to ask some people we know from other countries and Burger King is still not their first choice.

This result shows what we discussed in previous posts that Burger King is highly concentrated in the United States. The brand is also facing the problem that its main competitors McDonalds and KFC are always top of minds for consumers. So, the brand really needs to make a lot of efforts to catch up with its rivals. As Burger King has a low brand recall awareness based on our questionnaire, we can know the result of brand recognition. Again, it is mainly because the brand is not present in France. Hopefully that this situation will change with the coming back of Burger King in Paris.

Actually, McDonalds has the highest brand awareness according to our questionnaire. If we look into international vision, the brand is also always the leader in the fast food industry and remains on top 10 in most of the rankings rankingthebrands. On the recall level, McDonalds is still the top of minds. It is generally easier to recognize a brand rather than recall it from the memory. McDonalds changes constantly the menus and invent different products for french consumers.

This can be a main reason for the brand to be top of minds. The brand always tries to adapt national needs and traditions.


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Another thing worth mentioning is that even we put non-burger choices like Subway and Pizza Hut, McDonalds still won. And they have some special products in mind like sandwich baguette. On this level, McDonalds does a fairly good job for people to keep in mind their products. The American fast food giant Burger King will make a long awaited return to Paris, just in time for Christmas!

Under the effort, more than 7, Burger King Restaurants will begin selling the coffee along with iced varieties that also come with a choice of plain, vanilla or mocha flavors and whipped toppings. They held a contest on Instagram to promote the new product.


The fast-food restaurant vowed to maintain the balance between value and premium products, but more budget-friendly offers can be expected. Burger King operates its business through franchises, under a franchise arrangement, the franchisees invest in the equipment, signage, seating and decor, while the company owns or leases the land and building.

The company generates revenues from three sources: sales at company restaurants, royalties and franchise fees and property income from those franchises that lease or sub lease property from the company.

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At the end of September , Burger King reported it had 12, restaurants in 73 countries which 66 percent are in the United States, others are established in international locations such as Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In Europe, Burger King usually locate near traveling points such as train stations and airports. The up-coming restaurant in Paris will be located near the station Saint-Lazare. On the other hand, in Asia, the brand has another strategy to put its restaurants in shopping centers and concept stores. The firm applies a promotional strategy which involves the consumer which can reinforce and raise the number of the fan club.

Burger King is always looking for ways to offer affordable menus and items for their customers. Moreover, the company uses heavily the social medias networks in order to encourage the customers to win gift which maintain the activities of the fan community.

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A costly basketball event targeting young African American males. The effort is augmented by a special website where participants can describe community service contributions a digital tactic which helps collect data. These informations will probably be use in order to sharp and improve the knowledge of the target. A promotional action which targeted a specific target segment with the goal to shows the fast food links with the urban music industry and gather a larger community.

Burger King also launched a line of holiday greeting cards that gave the recipient a dollar bill to be used to purchase the cheeseburger. Moreover, these kind of actions can generate word-of-mouth, an informal way of communication which can measure the success of a campaign and drive more attendance in the restaurants.

Burger king offers four different menus adapted for children from different ages and with different taste. For example menus that include burger or 4 or 6 nuggets. By attracting children, Burger Kind also attract the parents that want to spend some quality time with their children and make them happy. They tend to look for facility to respond to their basic eating and drinking needs.

Students prefer cheap food but want to have different alternative so Burger King targets these groups of people by offering several menus for similar prices. This type of consumer does not have a specific time to eat so Burger King is open the whole day. It fits to their life style and correspond to the general social trends touching this target.

Burger King also targets working people with different preoccupations such as time, quality and quantity. This people do not have time to think about new places so they develop habits and go to restaurant where they will find the same standards. A large part of people from this category looks for take away food in order to eat at their work place. They reserve a small amount of time for eating and are usually alone so burger King offers delivery in certain countries such as the US.

This group is mainly composed of male but burger King also target working female via healthier food such as salads and fruits. Burger King has though about this families by offering very cheap meals and toys for children. The parents can eat and find entertainment for affordable price. They are specialized and can easily compare quality, quantity and flavor of different burgers from fast food chains.

After closing stores in Paris in due to poor sales, Burger King is planning to open a branch in St Lazare train station. Actually, any organizations need to be in touch with their business environment in order to make sure that what they do fits with customer expectations.

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  5. Especially, that expectations change over time and countries. Indeed, even huge corporation like them have to watch their back in order to remain in the top of their game. But how this firm stills the number one in the global market scale? In this purpose we will look together how and why the American multinational remain on the top of his game in three crucial regions of the world. But the secret of such success lies on a strong strategic competitive advantage that the company still building until now. Indeed, the impressive supply chain of the corporation is pretty well known.

    Furthermore, McDonald does not hesitate to go to new markets with an extremely clever distribution channel. The company also said that a new line of quarter pounder hamburgers, including a bacon habanero ranch version, was selling well. Furthermore, the American corporation had changes the restaurant interior design and made it more technological friendly and modern. And even more upgrade their services and products. A strategic position which differentiates the multinational company from her rivals.

    But also give them the ability to dominate and to be a head of the industry.


    Burger King: after years of struggling This post is a business analysis on the two important public corporations: McDonalds and Burger King. Both of them are competing in the fast food industry. To add, the fast food industry is one of the largest food services sectors around the world and one of the most competitive industry. This sector focuses on the lower prices strategy in order to attract customers worldwide. McDonalds and Burger King, both compete with all types of food retailers on the basis of prices, convenience, food qualities and customer services.

    The company locations employ more than 37, people who serve approximately Finlay, these factors will contribute to a more desirable experience for customers. Not having those items certainly has not helped in the battle to stay relevant. And how to better underscore what makes Burger King the ideal destination for fast food customers? That would present a competitive advantage if introduced into the market. That is how Burger King will truly stand out. It is unnecessary to talk about the supremacy of the brand with the golden arches in the North American market.

    And here we are only talking about the front runners of the competition. Indeed, Five Guys, Yum!

    whopper vs big mac survey Whopper vs big mac survey
    whopper vs big mac survey Whopper vs big mac survey
    whopper vs big mac survey Whopper vs big mac survey
    whopper vs big mac survey Whopper vs big mac survey
    whopper vs big mac survey Whopper vs big mac survey

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