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DO set up on my mac, iPhone, and Alexa. It seems to be working great. I'll update you again after a few weeks of use.

Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands - App of the Year!: Wunderlist

But it looks like a winner! I use it to keep track of things I need to do during my day to day task and at university. I also use the sister app on my mac which syncs directly with the iOS app. Definitely recommend it! When outside of your home or office, check on your tasks and events on mobile, tablets, smart watches and even virtual assistants.

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Setting up new tasks is just as easy — type your task and hit enter. You can also set a deadline for the work to be completed by, and assign a priority to the task, as well as assigning it to a group of similar tasks. Android iOS. Another to-do list that comes with a ton of other options, Evernote is perhaps the go-to app for note-taking.

The best productivity and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Like Google Keep, it supports multiple methods of taking notes and reminders, including voice memos, full lists, and photos. Evernote takes this a step further, though, with the ability to add video and attach Word documents or PDFs to your lists. Like Google Keep, any time you add something to Evernote , it will sync across all of your devices, but unlike Keep, there is an option for offline access to your files — but only if you pay for the Premium version.

But those come with a whole raft of extra options , like offline access, extra storage, and the ability to add password-support to lock down your notebooks. It has many of the same options that make Todoist great, with an easy method of setting up new tasks, simple collaboration between users, and the ability to assign tasks to specific groups. But where Todoist restricts many of its features to premium users, Wunderlist is a lot more generous with providing access, so free users can access time-based reminders, assign colleagues to tasks, and leave comments.

Designed for Mac, works everywhere

Wunderlist has done away with its premium option, meaning that all of the features are now available for free. Organizational tools rarely exist in a vacuum.

Where Microsoft To-Do differs is with an emphasis on My Day — namely, the idea that you start each day with a clean slate and take a moment at the start of each day to write down what you want to achieve that day. It even has a smart suggestion tool built in that will suggest tasks for you based on your previous record. If you prefer to keep your notes and to-do list together, Bear may be the perfect app for you. You can also group lists and notes by hashtags, making it easy to find all your tasks.

“The best to-do list app” — The Verge.

Things Cloud is a sync service that stores the user's to-dos and automatically keeps them updated across all their Apple devices. It was developed to replace the app's original sync technology, which only worked over a local network.

The company began alpha testing the new service in and, after an extended beta period, launched it publicly on August 9, with the release of Things 2. In , the company announced "Nimbus" [13] — an update to Things Cloud's architecture which introduced push sync through the cloud.

The main benefit of the new push technology is that it delivers sync to iOS devices when the app isn't actively running, by utilizing APNs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Things A screenshot of Things' main window. Shawn Blanc.

things to do app mac Things to do app mac
things to do app mac Things to do app mac
things to do app mac Things to do app mac
things to do app mac Things to do app mac
things to do app mac Things to do app mac
things to do app mac Things to do app mac
things to do app mac Things to do app mac

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