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You can search for stations , but also for genres and locations. Add lists based on popular tags. The Search screen gives you the 25 most popular tags to chose from. Tap one to instantly add a new list of stations, for example Pop , reggae or 80s. Can't find your favorite genre in the list?

Tap the button below to get 25 new random tags. Tap it again and again, discover genres or categories you didn't know of before.

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Tell us where to tell our server to look for and wait 24 hours. Propose a station now. Thank you! Your submission has been received! Frequently asked questions If you have unanswered questions about Waves, or simply want to learn everything about how it works, please read our FAQ.

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How to get started with waves? When you start Waves for the first time, you're presented with a few lists of stations that we chose for you. They represent musical genres.

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Swipe up and down to navigate in a list of stations, swipe left and right to browse all lists. Tap on any station to listen to it. Progressively, the two first lists of the app will populate with the most listened to stations and the ones you've recently used. Tap on the heart to add a station to your list of Favorites stations.

Tap on the plus to add a list of stations based on one of the current station's tags. Tap on the white button to generate a new random cloud of 25 tags.

Where's the in-app help? With an edge swipe from the left, you can unveil the main menu. You'll find there a link to the in-app help, and many other useful options. Make another swipe from the left to enter the About screen and unveil a few more options. Don't forget to rate the app on the app store, this is the best way to help us keep it alive! How can I find my preferred stations? Manually enter your station name , and depending on the results, add the station directly into your Favorite list, or add a new list and look for your station inside it.

You can also search for countries , cities or genre When you enter the Search screen, you can also browse the list of major genres. Simply tap on a genre tag to create a new list. Tap on the white button to refresh the list with 25 new random tags. If you're trying to find a station named South Coast Broom for example, and you get no result for it when typing South Coast Broom , try also to type southcoastbroom , or try also just south coast and see if Waves propose to add a South Coast list , then browse the list to find the station inside it.

I have difficulties finding a station. Waves only finds what stations allows it to find. Waves searches in metadata that comes with stations and that only stations owners can provide. So if stations's owners are overlooking that part, if they don't care about the Internet users of their streams, favoriting, for example, the listening on their own website above the listening through radio apps, then aren't providing valuable informations about their streams meta tags for genres, locations etc and even their stream name.

This means a radio named FUN RADIO can sometimes not be found because the stream name is funradiolrt with no other information you can use such as the country, and we can't retrieve those infos if they're not in the metadata. Who is Buffer Boy? The pro version and the in-app version are exactly the same. This is why you are able to listen to stations from everywhere in the world with myTuner Radio app. However, this means you need an Internet connection in order for the app to work.

Before you leave myTuner playing in the background, close all other apps that might be running in the background, or restart your device and repeat this process.

Audio Capture in Action

Search more than radio stations worldwide. This occurs when: 1. You don't have a good internet connection Wifi or 3G ; 2. The radio station has a limited bandwidth; 3. The radio station has limited the number of users that can listen to it; 4. We have a broken link the radio station changed their live broadcast stream ; If you are constantly receiving the same messages, day after day, please inform us.

I leave the app and it continues to play. How can search for it? How can I suggest a new station? How can I add a custom station on myTuner Radio just for me? My country is not right. How do I change it? My country doesn't appear in the list. Where can I find my "Favorites"? How can I add something to "Favorites"? How can I delete something from "Favorites"? There are three ways of deleting something from favorites: 1.

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When playing something, in the player menu, press the star button next to the play button. What are podcasts?

Internet Radio recording and song splitting with Radio Ripper for Mac

I forgot my myTuner Radio account password what can I do? How can I set up my sleep timer? Can I use the same store account to download myTuner on different devices? How can I sync myTuner Radio favorites on different devices? How do I use Chromecast with myTuner Radio?

How to tune in to internet radio on your Mac with iTunes and VLC

I am broadcaster. How can I register or edit my radio station on myTuner Radio? Why do I need Internet to listen to myTuner Radio?

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