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Be sure to keep a backup the older one just in case. See your phpinfo. Move both of these files that you downloaded into your working directory mcrypt in this instance and go back to Terminal Expand the first file: tar -zxvf libmcrypt Cannot find autoconf. Then, rerun this script.

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Autoconf is not installed with the latest Xcode but may be present on some OS X from an upgraded older Xcode. Check your phpMyAdmin login page or browse to your phpinfo. See my other post, recovering from the computer crash , for other items on the list to set up when starting with a new computer or a fresh OS install.

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Basic PHP Development Environment Setup in Mac OS X

I still have one problem though. Now edit the Apache configuration. Feel free to use TextEdit if you are not familiar with vi. However there are other commands that are helpful such as mysqldump.

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Note : You will need to open a new Terminal window or run the command above for your path to update. While this isn't necessary, it's good practice. There are several options to do so.

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I do the following:. You could stop here. Not ideal for a local development environment. To run sites individually you need to enable VirtualHosts.

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To do so, we'll edit the Apache Configuration again. The first VirtualHost is important as it behaves like the default Apache configuration and used when no others match. For ease of development, I also configured some custom logs. Note : I use the extension local. This avoids conflicts with any real extensions and serves as a reminder I'm in my local environment.

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  4. Run the commands, line by line, in the terminal:. Download PhpMyAdmin from its website. Change its permission with the command:.

    You should be able to login and create database now. It will probably be easier if you install a third party tool like MAMP , but that will add duplicate features to what is already available in your Mac. With a little tinkering, you can easily get your Mac to be a web server for all your web hosting needs. So I googled for Lion specifically… and found the answer. Great Tutorial! Easy to follow steps!

    Everything works and now i can easily test websites before even uploading! Finally figured this out.

    How to Setup a Web Server in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    The comments by Natts and Andrey Mironov a huge help. Thanks to all involved. I have OS First of all this is an excellent tutorial. Anyhoo…I saw this and decided to try it so that I could run Ajax scripts.

    macOS Server

    Your note about removing me caused alarm bells to ring. Just curious. Thanks again. Great tutorial. The mySQL removal instruction is there just in case you want to remove it. Is the user name your home and password the one you created? Ixne on all that!

    Apache, MySQL, PHP server on Mac OS X with multiple, simultaneous PHP versions –

    I fixed it! So insanely cool! Hi, I did everything like the instruction said but I cannot log in using the phpmyadmin. Do you know which problem that cause this kind of error? Awesome tutorial, perfect. I just cannot login after installed, i try the user: root and the password I set up in the sql authentication… but even after that I cannot login….

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